February 2010
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Money Mutual Gave Me Money for My Bills

I was having a problem last week. The electric company was threatening to shut off my power because I haven’t been able to pay my bills. It’s been a couple of months and it seems that one thing after another kept happening with the money. My car broke down in December, and then my fiance was mugged at the beginning of January, so I helped her out. She is mostly back on her feet now, so the paycheck I just got in today was going to be dedicated to paying those bills off. They were going to shut off the power on Monday and I was freaking out. If I couldn’t get on the computer I wouldn’t have been able to work to make the money to pay off the bills. I called my friend, not wanting to tell my father the mess I got into.
Luckily for me, my friend works for Montel Williams and is therefore always hearing about cash advance loans. It’s actually a pretty good deal. I got on, gave them my information around noon Saturday, two days before they shut off my power. Sunday morning when I woke up, I had the loan. There was a little bit in between where I had to review the loan information I was getting myself into, but it didn’t even take me a whole hour of my time to apply and read over the information. I am absolutely amazed. You really should see some of their videos and see what I’m talking about.
There are some requirements, you have to be over 18, and have a steady job making $800 or more a month. I have terrible credit because my money is a little erratic, but I always have at least $800 a month. They didn’t care about all that though. They didn’t check my credit using the big three reports, and therefore didn’t ding my credit in the process. Something else I thought was cool was that it didn’t cost me anything to apply. If they hadn’t found anyone who was willing to lend to me, I wouldn’t have been out any money. My favorite part is that it was completely confidential, only my friend and I knew what was going on for that week. The electricity is still on, and I’m paying back my loan today. I am so glad my friend told me about this and I hope you will share the tip too.

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