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Money Saving Tips for College

College is infamous for being a ridiculously expensive time in a person’s life. Although the bills add up quickly, there are money saving tips that will help keep those bills down and keep more money in the student’s pockets.

While there may not be much leniency with tuition costs, housing is an expense which can be inexpensive if the right measures are taken. There are many different options for students when it comes to housing, there are dormitories, apartments, rental houses or condominiums. Dormitories are an inexpensive living situation as the student will be right on campus and will save money for traveling. While some people do not like living with another person in one room, there are low cost student apartments or rental houses. If the student searches for apartments or houses early enough, then they will be able to find the best possible deal.  

Food is one of the biggest expenses in college, while living in the dorms most students don’t have a kitchen, eating in the cafeteria is much less expensive than eating at a gourmet restaurant. If the student is living in an apartment or house, cooking is one of the best ways to save money. Instead of eating out at a restaurant, making a meal and saving the leftovers will not only save money but will be a healthier life choice as well.

The cost of books can seem astronomical for a first year college student. Spending over $1000 on books each year can really add up. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks which will take that bill down rapidly. The biggest mistake that college students make is that they buy all their books from the bookstore. While some books can only be found at the college bookstore, many of the others can be found online, at a used book store, or in the library. One of the greatest untapped book resources is the campus library, many students go to the library simply to study but the building is filled with books and usually has the novels or textbooks used in the classes. Instead of having to buy a book, why not rent it for free? There are also great deals with online books, many of the books can be found on Amazon or Chegg and will offer free shipping for students.

Going to college may be one of the largest expenses anyone has to deal with, but by being smart with money those astronomical bills can be diminished quickly.

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  1. Ross says:

    These are great tips. While the option of having Money Mutual there to fall back is present; learning financial responsibility in college will ensure that you make it through as inexpensively as possible.

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