November 2011
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The Costs of DUI

One often hears in the news about people being convicted for DUI or being involved in an accident caused by DUI.  DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence.  That means the driver is intoxicated which affects their driving performance.  DUI is against the law and police departments around the country crack down hard on this.

What will a DUI cost you if you are convicted for the first time.  OK it may vary according to the state you are convicted in – but the cost could be in the vicinity of $5,000.  Now that is a lot of money for having some drinks and getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.  This amount includes fines and fees associated with the conviction.  This is a lot of money and enough to put most people off drinking and driving.  And the bad news is this cost could be much higher if you have to pay for another form of transport to your place of employment.  That is of course if you do not lose your job.  If that is the case then the cost could be so much higher.

Costs associated with DUI include; fines, court costs, attorney fees, bail, vehicle towing fees, alcohol education school, fees for getting your license reinstated, ignition lock fees as well as additional costs associated with vehicle insurance.  You will not get your license back until you have proof that all these fees have been paid.

The costs associated with DUI go up in increasingly larger amounts for each subsequent conviction.  Plus the amount of time you lose your license for increase with each additional conviction.

Information from the Knoxville DUI Attorney

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